Storage location

Storage Location

Storage facility connection

The EKB storage facility is connected both to the German and to the Dutch gas network and to the following entry/exit points.

GTS (Oude Statenzijl Etzel EKB-H),
Open Grid Europe (Friedeburg-Etzel, Bitzenlander Weg 2),
Gasunie Deutschland (Entry H152/Exit H171),
jordgasTransport (Entry H203S/Exit H204S),

In Germany, both the NetConnect Germany and Gaspool market areas are within reach of the storage facility.

Leadtimes TSO Nomination

GTS (Oude Statenzijl Etzel EKB-H)

Open Grid Europe (Friedeburg-Etzel, Bitzenlander Weg 2)

Gasunie Deutschland (Entry H152/Exit H171)

jordgasTransport (Entry H203S/Exit H204S)

30 min

120 min

120 min

120 min

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