EKB's Guidelines

EKB’S Guidelines


EKB Storage GmbH & Co. KG makes the safety of employees, residents and environment a top priority. The following issues are of paramount importance:

  • all employees and contractors have to understand that they are responsible for the safe execution of an activity;
  • operating systems are designed and maintained and the site is operated in such a way that persons and things are protected at all times;
  • in case of incidents to cooperate quickly, prudently and transparently with the competent authorities and bodies.


We observe the applicable laws and regulations and act in accordance with the European and German Environmental and Employment Protection Laws


Our company defines quality as a principle of our work. Every year quality targets for process optimization, safety at work and customer satisfaction are reviewed and, if necessary, further improved. This includes regular auditing which is recorded in the quality management system.


An ultimate principle for EKB Storage GmbH & Co. KG is the environmental and nature protection. We are aware of our responsibility and work with the highest possible safety standards.

We commit ourselves to comply with all applicable environmental protection laws and directives and to support research by making production processes even more environmentally friendly and efficient.


EKB Storage GmbH & Co. KG is governed by the Luxembourg Declaration on Occupational Health Promotion in the EU (German web page: (http://www.bkk-dachverband.de/gesundheit/luxemburger-deklaration/).

This means, inter alia:

  • corporate principles and guidelines in which our employees are seen as an important factor of success and not only a cost factor
  • a work organization that provides a balanced proportion between work requirements and individual abilities for each employee
  • social support from executives and employees
  • integrated occupational safety and health protection
  • the combination of risk reduction with the expansion of protective factors and health potentials

Social Responsibility

We base our actions on the ten internationally recognized principles of the Global Compact of the UN (German web page: http://www.globalcompact.de/de/umsetzen/uebersicht/?navid=654320654320). These include, for example:

  • protect and respect international human rights
  • eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation
  • follow the precautionary principle for environmental problems
  • accelerate the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
  • and advocate against any kind of corruption
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